It’s a reflection of our philosophy: Small is Beautiful.
Recognising the beauty of our natural surroundings as our most precious resource, we treat mother Nature with the highest respect, continuously seeking new ways to reduce our footprint and increase our sustainability on this little slice of Paradise.

We extend that respect to the local communities and our team who works in an inspiring and purpose driven environment, operating as a family, sharing common values, honour and integrity.

Nay Palad takes every opportunity to help our family of makers and dreamers thrive, from fostering best-practices, to spreading our commitment for positive change to our guests. We focus on finding sustainable solutions to ensure a lasting, positive impact.

We pride ourselves on the colourful variety of vegetables and herbs we grow at our very own organic farm, where all the captivating flavours and aromas of Siargao come together. Feel free to visit our garden with chef Marc to see where he sources produce from the farm and ready for your plate. 
Our organic vegetables are grown with sustainable and ethical approaches according to the seasons.

Nay Palad Hideaway is part of the Long Run Initiative, aiming to create truly sustainable luxury experiences, applying the “4Cs” — conservation, community, culture and commerce — to help ensure that these unique locations are available for generations to come. We care about the communities and ecosystems that make our resort experience possible and work to support their well-being.

We create limitless Barefoot Luxury experiences and lifetime memories for our guests & friends. We envision a world in which people feel at home again by developing places to retreat, rejuvenate and reconnect with nature. We treat the world like a home. We take our shoes off at the door, take care of what we have, and are always welcoming to others.
After all, we’re only visiting.


Instead of offering set menus, our resident chef Marc Silvestre loves to surprise you by combining the freshest fish, meat and local produce in an eclectic mix of east and west, modern and traditional, with the kind of artistry and ease that stay true to the spirit of Nay Palad Hideaway.


Developing our own vegetable farm without pesticides (fully organic) to assure farm-to-plate for our Guests.

Serving Siargao’s organic and local produce to reduce inter-island transportation.

Supporting and partnering with local fishermen to serve the ocean’s freshest catch.

Plastic bottles and straws have been totally banned. Single-use plastic packagings are not welcome.

Our Team undertakes regular coastal cleanings to preserve the beauty of Siargao.

Conserving the stunning mangrove by constant cleaning and planting.

Protecting the lagoon in front of the resort to stop dynamite fishing and support marine life.

The best practices are in place for energy and water conservation. Rain water is collected for the plants.

Use of organic and natural bath amenities, as well as organic and home-made oils at our Spa.

Use of natural and bio-degradable cleaning material.

Our Team applies the REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE philosophy for waste management.

All green waste is shredded and re-used in our own farm for composting.

The resort is built and maintained with locally-sourced materials to minimize our impact.

We enjoy sharing our values and inspiring our Guests with our environmental efforts.


The Medical Mission aims at improving the health of thousands of children on the island.

Supporting local schools, like the Malinao Elementary School, just a few steps from our property.

Our Team enjoys regular Family days at the resort with Free Clinic for their family members.

Our boutique sells hand-made products to support the local artisans.

Sharing the value of Respect with our Team and our Community is everything to us.


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Sign up with your email address and follow our journey!


Sign up with your email address and follow our journey!

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